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ARC Abatement – Houston, TX Asbestos Abatement

Houston, TX 4/11/2024 – Since June 2023, ARC Abatement‘s Houston office has been diligently working to complete over 180 occupied apartment units in a multi-faceted asbestos abatement project.

Units have had between four and eight crew members use three different methods of asbestos abatement activities for this project. Units that consisted of asbestos-containing drywall received full-scale negative pressure containments for removal. Others called for negative pressure mini-containments for the removal of kitchen cabinets, and glove bag containment for the removal of damaged asbestos-containing drywall. These activities are making way for upgrades in repairs throughout the complex.

Working within an occupied space presents challenges in terms of the availability of units and pace allowed for abatement activities. Working alongside the Property Management team, General Contractor and various trades has required considerable project management and communication between all team members. We have been able to complete abatement activities in a timely manner as to allow residents access to their homes each night. 

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