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ARC Covid Cleaning

Safe Total Facility Disinfecting

Full facility disinfecting services in response to COVID-19.

Our experience in environmental and biological contaminants leads the way when setting COVID-19 decontamination standards. We follow all CDC guidelines as well as setting an industry standard for complete disinfecting of any size facility.

Why Choose Us for COVID Disinfecting?

Doorknobs, cabinetry knobs and surfaces, computer keyboards and touchscreens, water coolers, office spaces, retail spaces, bathrooms, stair rails, elevators, break-room appliances, and other areas we identify as related to your business.

Notable COVID-19 Decontamination Project

Bank Facility — Colorado

We disinfected a bank branch after an in office outbreak of COVID-19. Our ability to decontaminate the entire facility allowed then to properly open back up on-time following CDC guidelines.

Our offices have completed hundreds of commercial COVID decontamination projects since 2020.

Safety by Choice - Not by Chance

Safety is no accident at ARC. We have one of the best safety records across all areas in which we work. We make workplace safety our highest priority and provide comprehensive and ongoing safety training to all of our field personnel and management. ARC takes a proactive, integrated approach to safety and quality programs.

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