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Architectural Preservation During Asbestos Abatement, Is It Possible?

Architectural Preservation Asbestos Abatement Dallas TX

ARC loves a challenge! In a recent project, our Dallas team worked tirelessly to preserve the architectural elements of a highly detailed building while performing abatement activities in an active and occupied academic location.

Anytime an abatement is performed in an active public setting, awareness of the gravity of the project is at the top of our radar. Safety and efficiency are the gold standard in every project we touch, and this one was no different. We expertly worked around these challenges with grace and efficiency.

As usual, the ARC team pulled it off. ARC’s eight-man crew was able to perform this five-figure asbestos abatement project in just eight days. The attention to detail was a high focus point as crews protected design features and meticulously abated the asbestos-containing plaster in the designated areas while preserving the stunning architectural elements.