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Safety Prevails as ARC Abatement Marks 30 Years

WACO, TX (June 30, 2020)  — ARC Abatement today announced it is celebrating 30 years of hazardous material abatement work and record sales in 2019.

In celebrating the ARC Abatement 30th anniversary, the company is focusing on customer service and safety. In its three decades, ARC has never been dismissed or failed to complete an asbestos abatement, mold remediation, or lead abatement project. More critical to ARC Abatement Founder and CEO Ron Daniel is the company’s safety record.

“Workplace safety is no accident at ARC; it’s our top priority,” says Daniel. “We take a proactive, integrated approach that includes ongoing, comprehensive industry-specific training, seminars, and safety training to all field personnel and management.”

As a result, ARC Abatement has one of the best safety records across all areas in which it works. It has also earned a very competitive Experience Modification Rating (EMR), allowing one the highest quality insurance and bonding programs in the industry.

ARC’s safety program includes:

  • New employee training
  • Regulatory-required training and standards
  • OSHA compliance training
  • Daily job-site safety meetings
  • Safety audits
  • Job Safety Analysis’ on all sites

In 2019, ARC saw its largest sales volume in the history of the company when it hit the $45 million mark.

Daniel says ARC’s future includes expansion of the Industrial Abatement/Scaffolding Division, including additional work at the Philadelphia Shipyard this year.

Since 2015, Daniel has continued to grow his enterprise as opportunities arise. Notable ventures include:

  • Formation of the Industrial Abatement/Scaffolding Division. Customers include International Paper, Georgia-Pacific, Duke Energy, Columbus Steel Casting, dozens of power plants, and other high-profile industrial companies.
  • Formation of ARC’s National Sales Group (NSG).
  • Development and growth of ARC’s COVID-19 Decontamination Protocol and Facility Disinfecting Service.
  • Continued recognition from Engineering News-Record, who has ranked ARC in its “Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement” list since 2013.

Notable projects include:

  • An eight-figure, 1.5-year asbestos abatement project at a retired power plant in Ohio.
  • Asbestos abatement at Dallas’ 650,000 square-foot Valley View Mall while working around the functioning movie theatre.
  • A seven-figure, asbestos abatement and selective demolition at Austin’s Highland Mall.
  • Asbestos abatement on several Texas bridges for TxDOT.
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