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Kendrick Elementary Waco, TX Asbestos Abatement

WACO, TX 2/1/2024 – The former Kendrick Elementary in Waco, TX underwent select asbestos abatement by our Waco crew.  Crews abated asbestos-containing ceiling tile mastic daubs off of the original plaster ceilings. Removal of the mastic daubs is a tedious process including meticulous scraping of the daubs from the plaster as the paper sheeting of the ceiling tiles usually comes off without the mastic daubs attached. This removal process causes damage to the substrate and the brittle asbestos-containing adhesive requiring the construction of a full containment for each unit. 

Other select abatement of pipe insulation in the bathrooms was performed by cutting sections and glove-bagging the pipe for asbestos removal.  Our experienced crews tackled this project with the efficiency of tailored abatement methods and a complete dedication to safety during each step. 

This project will be a full demolition after asbestos abatement is completed. 

Kendrick Elementary Asbestos Mastic Dots
Kendrick Elementary Asbestos Mastic Dots 2
Kendrick Elementary Asbestos Mastic Dots 3
Kendrick Elementary Asbestos Pipe Insulation