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UTSW Medical Center – Bass Complex

Bass Complex Abatement

Containment Unit UTSW ARC

ARC Abatement is no stranger to working around an active workplace, such as the UTSW Medical Center Bass complex. ARC was the responsible asbestos abatement contractor for removing close to 1,000,000 square feet of asbestos-containing materials across three high-rise towers with the exception of the vapor barrier.

Apart from the challenge of completing the multi-phase abatement without interruption of the medical campus’ activities, ARC was facing challenges accessing the harder to reach areas for abatement. When asked about the specific project challenges, ARC’s project manager, Ryan Landon commented, ‘One of the tougher parts of this job was the abatement of large ducts in the shafts. With the help of Lindamood Demolition, access-holes and anchor points were made for our crew to safely tie off during abatement activities. ARC’s crew built scaffolding inside using OSHA boards, wooden studs, and the existing red steel.’

This project totaled out at $5,856,008 and was completed in two and a half months by utilizing 87,847 total man-hours. After complete abatement, the UTSW Medical Center Bass complex was successfully imploded on October 1, 2023. You can watch the implosion here.

 A special thanks to our crew for maintaining our excellent safety record by choosing safety as the first priority of every action. In August, they participated in OSHA’s Safe + Sound at Work Week on-site.

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