Six Offices Serving the U.S. Coast to Coast

Army Barrack Asbestos Abatement

At Fort Polk in Leesville, Louisiana, ARC has 13 workers assisting another abatement company with a hazardous material abatement project at the barracks on the Army base. The scope of the project includes removing and disposing of floor time and mastic as well as ceiling texture. A challenging part of the project is working with other contractors whose safety culture is not as stringent as ARCs. The project was shut down multiple times for other contractors’ inabilities, and then they were kicked off the site. ARC General Manager Lee Patterson says the project wrapped up in the six-figure range. Named for Confederate Civil War general Leonidas Polk, the fort was originally a base for the Louisiana Maneuvers in the 1940s. It housed German prisoners of war during World War II, and was a basic training post during the Vietnam War.

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