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Air Conditioning HVAC Asbestos Abatement

ARC is on the Grand Junction, Colorado Veterans Administration campus for an air conditioning HVAC asbestos abatement job. It’s a three-phase, five-figure project to install two new air handling units, with ARC’s timing relying heavily on the timing and coordination of the new air handling units being delivered, to prevent having both units shut down at once. There were some setbacks with the shipment of the first AHU, prior to the first phase of abatement, but as soon as they had the new unit on site, ARC completed the first phase in under three days.  Currently, we’re waiting for the next AHU to be delivered, and expect the next phase to take off about mid-March 2019. Coordination on the project has been with the general contractor.

This is ARC’s second project at a VA facility in about a year. We successfully fulfilled a government asbestos abatement contract to abate 555 windows at the Dallas VA hospital. Dubbed the 5/555/5 project, ARC’s Vice President & Dallas General Manager Steve Chappell and his crew were limited to removing 5 windows a day that contained asbestos in the materials used to caulk them in place. As a result, the project that began in January of 2018 took five months to complete at the Dallas Veteran’s Affairs

Medical Center on S. Lancaster Road. The old windows needed to be removed before new windows could be installed. Steve Chappell is happy to report that this government asbestos abatement project was completed on-time and on-budget. ARC Abatement is registered in the U.S. Systems Award Management (SAM) database and is a qualified contractor with the General Services Administration to perform government asbestos abatement work on behalf of the United States. An October 1992 General Accounting Office (GAO) report commissioned by Congress found that there was a “considerable amount” of asbestos in federal buildings. Efforts continue to safely and efficiently remove the asbestos as the need arises in advance of renovations of government facilities. ARC is proud of our outstanding performance and safety record. It was an honor and a privilege for ARC to be chosen to perform this government asbestos abatement project. ARC Abatement salutes our United State’s Veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our country.

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