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Warren Brown

GM - Industrial

Warren brings 30-plus years in the scaffolding and asbestos/lead abatement industries, supervising employees from supervisors, project managers and office administration as the General Manager (GM) for ARC Industrial. Specifically, Warren leads, directs and manages inbound and/or outbound site operations and ensures that the operations staff executes service agreements at, or above the customer’s standards. Safety is a priority and Warren ensures that methods, practices and programs are implemented and maintained on every project.

As GM, Warren is involved in many projects across the country that includes work in shipyards, power plants, packaging pulp and paper, and manufacturing. Many of these projects required creative scaffolding solutions in environments that require adaptability.

Warren lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Industrial Power Plant Project:

In June 2018, we began abating asbestos on six boilers at a former power plant in Ohio. The eight-figure project has more than 70 technicians working 40 hours a week for more than a year. During the first six months, ARC completed asbestos abatement on four of the six boilers. By the beginning of 2019, work on the fifth boiler was well underway. By early September 2019, we were removing the Galbestos siding as the project was coming to close.

It was during this project that ARC invested in scaffolding, which was delivered to the site by three 18-wheelers. Cost savings, blending of crews, all-in-one service, smoothness of operation are only a few of the benefits of this unique combination of service/equipment.

Throughout the project, the customer has praised ARC for being tidy.

“Clean, clean, clean,” the customer said as he walked the site for an inspection early in 2019. “Shall you need a recommendation, I would be happy to assist,” he said.

Warren says housekeeping has been a major priority. Now in the final stages of the project, Brown feels 100% certain that when the demolition company takes over to bring down the structure, the air and dust left behind will be safe to breathe.

Warren has extensive training and knowledge in the industrial abatement industry, that includes OSHA Construction Safety & Health, Supervisor Training as an Asbestos Abatement Contractor, Confined Space Training, and Contractor Safety Council training in multiple states. Warren is a highly respected individual in the industrial abatement industry.

“Warren has a keen sense of quickly evaluating project goals and selecting and placing the right team of people, tools, and equipment to exceed the expected goals. Through the 10 plus years I worked with Warren he never failed to achieve successful performance and financial results,” states Bill Ackerman, National Sales Executive at Vixxo, which specializes in integrated facilities management.