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Asbestos Abatement After Total Burnout of Apartment Unit

Many dwelling structures built before 1986 are at the highest risk for asbestos-containing materials in the home. These materials had such a high usage rate because asbestos-containing materials provide excellent fire-reducing agents, insulation, and boosted overall product strength. However,  these materials have the potential to cause catastrophic health effects when disturbed. 

Asbestos-containing materials left undisturbed pose no risk to the inhabitants of homes or buildings, it is only when the materials are disturbed that the potential and eventual release of fibers becomes a cause for concern. In the case of a fire, asbestos-containing materials are disturbed and damaged, leaving them harder to identify by the untrained eye. Even as materials are saturated with water to subsequently put out the fire, the materials can continue to release fibers in their damaged state as they dry out and clean-up activities begin.

ARC’s Houston crew recently completed an apartment unit fire abatement consisting of a full asbestos abatement of all asbestos-containing drywall and abatement of all asbestos-contaminated debris.