Six Offices Serving the U.S. Coast to Coast

ARC Abatement is a Leading Hazardous Material Abatement Contractor

While we excel in all hazardous material abatement, our trademark service is asbestos abatement. We are licensed coast to coast in the United States. Based out of Waco, Texas, where we were founded in 1990, we have eight regional offices across the United States. Our customer base and experience covers nearly all public and private sectors of the economy.

Recent Projects

The former Kendrick Elementary in Waco, TX underwent select asbestos abatement by our Waco crew. Crews abated asbestos-containing ceiling tile mastic daubs off of the original ceilings. Removal of the mastic daubs is a tedious process including meticulous scraping of the daubs from the plaster as the paper sheeting of the ceiling tiles usually comes off without the mastic daubs attached. 


ARC is no stranger to working around an active workplace, such as the UTSW Medical Center Bass complex. ARC was responsible for removing close to 1,000,000 square feet of asbestos-containing materials across three high rise towers with the exception of the vapor barrier.

This stellar project went out with a bang:


Many dwelling structures built before 1986 are at the highest risk for asbestos-containing materials in the home. These materials had such a high usage rate because asbestos-containing materials provide excellent fire-reducing agents, insulation, and boosted overall product strength. However,  these materials have the potential to cause catastrophic health effects when disturbed. 

See how ARC took a full burnout from disaster to clean:


One of ARC’s specialties is completing a project on time and under budget, such as the case for the asbestos abatement and demolition project on Colorado State University Westfall Hall in Colorado. ARC’s Denver crew worked swiftly and safely to complete this large project spanning all 12 floors 3 months early.  

ARC expertly handled the asbestos removal and disposal of over 57,000 square feet of asbestos-containing carpet and flooring mastic, and 3,000 square feet of asbestos-containing exterior texture.