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Two projects on-time, on-budget: First is a high six-figure project combining interior demolition, asbestos abatement and lead-paint removal as part of the renovation of Building 9 at the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System (CTVHSC). Second is a seven-figure project abating the lead and asbestos of the interior of a World War II-era airplane hangar in Waco. The hanger is being renovated to match current industry standards to retrofit the space and make it viable for one of the largest Waco private employers, L3.

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Likely the largest asbestos abatement project in the history of the state of Texas, ARC Abatement's work on 1401 Elm Street in downtown Dallas began in August 2014. The building, Elm Place, is 52-stories and 1.3 million square feet. A challenging aspect of the project is the sheer volume of materials to be abated is approximately five million square feet of materials. ARC will have use of 12 of the 27 elevators that will still be operational to move the hazardous materials. The estimated completion date of this eight-figure contract is October 2015.

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ARC is overseeing the 500K square foot, three-story Robinson Center asbestos abatement project, which totals in the high six-figure dollar amount. Our work preps the total renovation Little Rock Convention Center. The 76-year old municipal auditorium closed July 1, 2014 and is scheduled to re-open in Fall 2016. The Robinson has been home to some of the most famous performers and productions since it opened. Shows and performances include Elvis, Bob Hope, Eleanor Roosevelt, Willie Nelson and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

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The asbestos that ARC is removing from the former Karr-Hunter dealership poses a particular challenge rarely seen in the industry. The asbestos is encased in a hard plaster that takes four-times as long to abate than the asbestos normally found in a similar 12K square foot project. ARC was aware of the challenge when bidding on the job, and our crew also knew the task would require more elbow grease than normal. ARC’s experience and know-how will bring this job in right on-time.

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ARC Abatement holds a full range of Asbestos Licenses, Lead licenses, Mold and transporter licenses in various states. Our management, supervisors and workers are trained and certified.

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ARC Roofing, Our Sister Company

ARC Roofing fulfills a demand realized from ARC Abatement. We saw first hand the frustration general contractors had with roofing contractors. Complaints were all over the board. We seized the opportunity and formed ARC Roofing in 2013.